Trusted Talent – Head of Client Service Vacancy in Johannesburg June 2018

Remuneration: R50000 – R60000 per month Cost to company
Location: Johannesburg
Education level: Degree
Job level: Management Snr
Type: Permanent
Company: Trusted Talent


Job description

Are you almost religious about everything tech, data and insights, to the point that you see the future and called Brexit and the Trump victory way before the world awoke to the news? Do you understand and speak the language of tech with the uncanny ability to pitch ideas to clients? Well, you may just be the superhuman to join our Jozi team as a business-minded head of client service.

But let’s not be hasty…read the brief, evaluate and make sure that this opportunity is the right fit for you.


What would make this your new venture? Well, you’re an analytically minded, people’s person, who is fascinated by all things data, tech, BI and innovative software solutions. In essence, you could have a fat chat with the likes of Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk and you would understand everything that they’re saying and respond with: “Let me explain how we could go about making this better.”

Because you’d be willing to make suggestions to Mark Zuckerberg on how to be better, you’re obviously extremely confident in convincing people (read: clients) to buy into what you’re saying because you have the data and insights to prove it. You would be able to consistently show the client why our service is a game-changer for their business, both operationally and financially.

The technological environment is an active volcano, always erupting and disrupting the world – sometimes with devastating repercussions. But you know exactly how to stay ahead of the lava and you know how to protect your client – because you and your team always see it coming. You pride yourself on knowing the in-depth minds of your clients and then advising them on how to make better choices.

Staying ahead of the melting hot lava would require you to have your ear to the ground, which means that you’re a naturally curious person, right?

Right! It’s not that we’ve been reading tarot cards or anything, but essentially you’re infectious, highly articulate, can present a keynote on Steve Jobs’ level and you speak the language of humans and tech equally well. You’re fluent in dumbing things down and making anyone understand the most complex ideas.

Coupled with all of the above, leading teams is something that you revel in and you have been winning at it for a good two years, having a legendary track record of mentoring and motivating your gladiators. More than that, you’ve managed accounts within the world of data, tech or BI for five years. Phew, okay we’re done.

So now that you’ve evaluated the brief, drawn some insights and concluded that this is indeed the perfect opportunity for you then let’s start a conversation!