North West Office Of The Premier Bursary Vacancies in South Africa 2019

The Office of the Premier invites all learners and students (unemployed youth: 35 years and less) who are South Africans and are residents of the North West Province, who desire to study or are studying on full-time basis at tertiary institutions to apply for the Provincial Bursary and Skills Development Fund bursaries available for the 2019 academic year.

Invitation For Full-Time Bursary Applications: 2019 Academic Year

Bursaries will be awarded to learners who are financially needy and academically performing well.

These bursaries target Grade 12 learners; those who have already passed Grade 12 in previous years; and students who are already at tertiary institutions.


  • Agriculture
  • Culture & Arts
  • Tourism
  • Construction, Building and Roads
  • Mining Engineering;
  • Law
  • Other Engineering fields;
  • Accounting/Commerce and Finance;
  • Health-related fields
  • Education
  • Aviation
  • Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Candidate Requirements:

NB. The completed Bursary Application Form, together with copies of all the required documents should be submitted directly to Office of the Premier (Ground Floor, Ga-Rona Building: Bursaries Offices) or at the distribution centers mentioned above.

No. Documents to be attached

1. Fully completed Bursary Application form (SECTIONS: A ā€“ E)

2. Proof of Home / Residential address document: A letter from the Traditional Authority Offices for those residing from the villages and a letter from the Municipality Offices for those of Town / Townships / farm; (Not statement of account, e.g. water bill, etc.);

3. Certified copy of ID Document (student);

4. Certified copy of Statement of results / Matric Certificate (Matric Certificate is compulsory for all applicants)

5. Certified copy of End of year results /last academic results (Students already at tertiary)

6. Certified copy of University Acceptance letter.

7. ATTACH PROOF OF PARENT /Sā€™ & GUARDIAN INCOME DOCUMENT/S: SALARY PAYSLIP/S (NB. In case of Deceased parent/s also attach copy of Death Certificate/s).

8. Are you disabled?

9. NB. In case the University Acceptance / Admission Letter and the end of year Results (Matric & Tertiary) are not yet received, please submit the

Bursary application form with other supporting documents before the closing date and submit the results not later than the 10th January 2019 to E-mail:

(The closing date for the submission of the completed application forms is 11th January 2019).

Download The Application Form From Here