Olebo Crafts: Training Partnership vacancies For Skills Development


Olebo Crafts offers training in unique craft production skills that unlock creative abilities and enables beneficiaries the opportunity to produce marketable products that can empower them to generate regular income. The training also includes business skills and aftercare support.

We are looking for an NGO /NPO that we can partner with that is involved in setting up or inspiring the establishment of income-generating projects in the communities they serve as a means of creating jobs, building local economies and reducing the poverty levels.

Training programme

Production training covers basic safety training, basic first aid, equipment handling and maintenance, woodwork skills, how to use jigs, how to use relevant power tools,  glass cutting and spray painting skills; business skills covers functional manufacturing skills, basic business and financial management. The training programme is completed over a period of twelve weeks.

Craft materials: The main raw material used is timber.

Craft products produced are:

  • Wall clocks (conventional and decorative)
  • Photo frames
  • Kitchen utility products
  • Bathroom utility products
  • Branded craft products
  • CD and DVD holders
  • Remote control holders
  • Coasters

Markets targeted:

  • Tourists
  • Gifts shops
  • Flea markets
  • Schools
  • Local households
  • Corporate
  • Exports

Target beneficiaries:

Potential beneficiaries for self-employment opportunities include:

  • Rural communities living next to national parks or tourism centres
  • Cooperatives
  • Social enterprises
  • Unemployed youth
  • People with disabilities

If your organisation is interested in a partnership of this nature, please email Clifford Mokhuane at cure@mweb.co.za and we shall provide you with more information, which includes our catalogue and business profile for further discussions.